Lignum Miss Mossberg for Balnakeil


Owned & loved by Tony & Sharon Green

Above: Ziva at 11 months old

Date of Birth: 03.01.2014
BVA/HD: 3:4  Total 7
Carrier of PRA (rcd4 mutation)

The very beautiful Ziva.

Ziva is Morgan's (Ordett Mai Tai By Lignum) daughter, sired by Sundowner's Amaretto-Kiss, and is Macassar's sister. 
She is owned, loved, worked and shown by Tony & Sharon Green. 
They've certainly had a fun filled time this very exuberant and outgoing young lady. 

Ziva is showing lots of promise out in the field and has a keen nose for birds.  We are hopeful that under Tony and Sharon's expert guidance she will become successful in trials and go counting and well as having a successful show career.

She's maturing into a beautiful young lady and we're very proud of her.

Photo above of Ziva running in her second field trial Pointer Club of Scotland

In early 2017 Ziva became a mum and we look forward to watching her children grow up